Bangladesh Veterinary Council
Regulation of 1985




Registered No. DA-1


                                            Bangladesh                             Gazette


Published by Authority

Saturday, August 24 1985

Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock

The Bangladesh Veterinary Council


Dhaka the 24th August, 1985

No. S.R.O-384-L/85.- In exercise of the powers conferred by section 24 of the Bangladesh Veterinary Practitioners Ordinance,1982(XXX of 1982) , the Bangladesh Veterinary Council, with the previous approval of the Government, is pleased to make the following regulations namely:-


  1. Short title- These regulations may be called the Bangladesh Veterinary Council Regulations 1985.
  2. Definitions.- In these regulations, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context,-
  • “appointing authority” means the Bangladesh Veteinary Council and includes, in relation to any specified post,any member or officer authorised by the Councilto make appointment to such post;
  • “compentent authority”means the Board and includes any authority constituted for the relevent purpose of any officer of the Council authorised in this behalf by the Council;
  • “Committee” means the Committed of Administration constituted under regulation 21;
  • “employee” means the employee of the Council, whethre temporary or permanent, and includes an officer;
  • “Fund “means the Bangladesh Veterinary Council Contributory Provident Fund;
  • “Form” means a Form appended to these regulations;
  • “family” means-
    1. in the case ofa male subcscriber, the wife or wives and children of a subscriber and the widow or widows and children of a deceased of the subcriber, and
    2. in the case of a femal subscriber, the husband and children of teh subscriber, and the widow or widow and children of a deceased son of the subscriber ;
  • “recognised University” means a University established by or under any law for the time being in force and includes a University declared by the Council, after consulation with the Government, to be the recognised University for the purposes of these Regulation ;

(j)“section” means a section of the Ordinance ;

(k) “Specified post” means a post specified in the Schedule;

(l) “Schedule” means the Schedule” annexed to these regulations;

(m) “Secretary” means the Secretary of the Council.

  1. Head Office of the Council- The head office of the Council shall be at Dhaka.
  2. Application for registration- Every person possessing a recognised veterinary qualification may apply in Form ’A’ for registration and for having his name entered in the register of veterinary practitioners maintained under the Ordinance.
  3. Certificate of Registration- (1) each person whose name has been entered in the register shall be given a certificate of registration duly signed by the Registrar and countersigned by the President within one month from the date his application for registration was allowed by the Council.

(2) The certificate of registration shall be given in Form “B”

  1. Register- (1) Tehre shall be kept a register of veterinary practitioners in form ‘C’ which shall remain in the custody of teh Registrar.

(2) The names of veterinary practitioners shall be entered in the register in the order in which the application is admitted by the Council for registration.

(3) Each page of the register shall be verified by the Registrar with his signature thereon.

  1. Fees- The fees chargeable for the matters below shall be as specified against each:-

            (a) for registration under section 13(1)                       150.00

            (b)  for restoration of name under secitn 13(5)           50.00

            (c) for insertion of additioonal qualifciation in the register under section 13(7)        50.00

            (d) for issue of the duplicate of registration               100.00

            (e) for appeal under section 14                                   250.00

  1. Election of members of the Council-(1) The Government shall constitute an Election Authority consisting of a Chairman and two other members to be appointed by it for the purpose of holding election of registered veterinary practitioners under section 3(1) (b) .

(2) The Office of teh Election Authority shall be at the office premises of the Bangladesh Veterinary Council, Dhaka.

(3) No person other than a registered veterinary practitioner shall be eligible to seek election to the Council or to cast vote in the election.

(4) The procedute of election shall be regulated by the Electiion Authority and all concerned shall, as far as practicable, be intimated of teh procedure and the differefnt stages of election by such manner as it is considered expedient.

  1. Election of President- (1) The election of the President shall be held on the day the Council holds its first meeting after its constitution provided that the first meeting shall be held after the election of teh members under section 3(1)(b).

(2) The Election shall be conducted by the Chairman of the election authority constituted under regulation 8.

  1. Meeting of the Council- (1) The Council shall ordinarily meet at least twice in a year preferably in the months of April and October.

(2) The date, time and place of the meetings shall be such as may be fixed by the President.

(3) The notice of every ordinary meeting shall be served on each member under the signature of the Registrar at least 15 days before the date of the meeting stating the date, time, place and agenda of teh meeting.

(4) The President may call emergent meetings of the Council in which case the notice shall be served on each member at least seven days before the date of the meeting.

(5) The President shall, on receipt of a requisition in writing made by not less than three members stating the purpose for which the meeting is desired, call requisition meeting within15 days of the delivery of the requisition.

  1. Adjourned Meetings- (1) In ordinary meetings if quorum is not constituted, the meeting shall stand adjourned to some future date to be appointed by the person presiding and every such adjourned meeting the members, whatever be their number, shall have power to transact all the business which could have been transacted in the original meeting, having necessary quorum present thereat.

(2) In the case of emergent and requisition meeting, the meeting shall be dissolved if quorum is not constituted.

(3)  The person presiding, with the consent of the members present in the meeting, may adjourn a meeting form time to time but no business shall be transacted at any adjourned meeting other gthan the business left unfinished at the meeting form which adjournment took place.

  1. Proceedings of meeting- (1) A copy of minutes of each meeting shall be sent to each member within thirty days of the meeting.

(2) The minutes shall be deemed to have been confirmed if no objection aas to their correctness is received by the Registrar within thirty days form the day of receipt of the copy of the minutes of the meeting,. It any objection is received, confirmation of the minutes of the meeting shall await the next meeting of the Council.

(3) The proceedings of teh meetings of the Council shall be preserved after they have been authenticated by the signature of the President.

  1. Procedure for Recruitment- (1) Subject to the provision of the Schedule, appointment to a specified post shall be made-
    1. by direct recruitment or
    2. by promotion, or
    3. by deputation.

(2) No person shall be appointed to a specified post unless he has the requisite qualification and, in the case of direct recruitment he is also within the age limit,if any,specified in the Schedule for that purpose.

(3) All appointment shall be made on the recommendation of of Selection Committee as the Council may constitute in this behalf.

  1. Appointment by direct recruitment- (1) No person shall be eligible for appointment to a specified post by direct6 recruitment if he-
    1. is not a citizen of Bangladesh, or
    2. is married to a person whois not a citizen of Bangladesh.

(2) No appointment to a specified post by direct recruitment shall be made until-

            (a) the person selected for appointment is certified by medical officer appointed by the Council for the purpose to be medically fit for such appointment and does not suffer from any such organic defect as is likely to interfere with the discharge of the duties of the post;

(b)  the antecedent of the person so selected have been verified through appropriate authorities and  found to be such as do not render him unfit for appointment in the services of the Council.

  1. Probation- (1) Persons selected for appointment to a specified post against a subscrantive vacancy shall be appointed on probation-
  • in the case of diret recuitment,for a priod of two years from the date of substantive appointment; and
  • in the case of promotion, for a period of one year from the date of such appointment:

Provided that the appointing authority authority may, for reasons to be recorded in writing, extend the period of probation by a period or periods so that the extended period does not exceed two years in the aggreaget.

            (2) Where, during the period of probaion of a probationer, the appointing authority is of opinionthat his conduct and work is unsatisfacotory or that he is not likely to become efficient, it may, before the expiry of that period,-

            (a) in the case of direct recuitment, terminate his service; and

            (b) in the case of promotion,revert him tothe post from which he was promoted.

(3) After the completion of the period of probation including the extended period, if nay, the appointing authority-

            (a) if is is satisfied that the conduct and work of the probationer during his period of probation has been satisfactory confirm him; and

            (b) if it is of opinion that the conduct and work of the probationer during that period was not satisfactory, may-

            (i) in the case of direct recruitment, terminate his service; and

            (ii) in the case of promotion, revert him to the post form which he was promoted.

  1. Leave- (1) Leave is earned by duty only. All applications for leave shall be addressed to the competent authority and shall be submitted through the proper channel.

(2) Leave cannot be claimed as a matter of right, and leave admissible under these regulations may be granted by the competent authority who may refuse leave, grant leave for a shorter period than applied for, revoke leave of any description and recall an employee before the expiry of his leave.

(3) All employees shall resume duties on the expiry of leave as initially granted or as subsequently curtailed or extended. Overstayal of leave may entail punishment including dismissal from service. An employee on leave shall not accept any employment or office of profit.

(4) Before proceeding on leave, an employee shall make over charge to another employee as directed by the competent authority.

(5) an employee on leave of any description shall, unless instructed otherwise, report in writing his return to duty  to his immediate superior at the place wherefrom be proceeded on leave.

(6) An employee who was granted leave on medical ground shall not return to duty without first producing a certificate of fitness from the Medical authority specified by the Council in this behalf.

            Provided that no such certificate shall be necessary if the leave was for seven days or less.

  1. Leave on average pay- (1) An employee shall earn leave on average pay at the rate of 1/11th of the period spent on duty.

(2) The maximum that may be accumulated in the leave account of an employee shall be for months.

(3) Any leave earned is excess of four months shall be credited to a separate item in the leave account of the employee which may be allowed on average pay on medical certificate or for the purpose of pilgrimage, education, rest and recreation outside Bangladesh.

(4) The amount of leave on average pay that may be taken at one time by an employee shall not exceed four months. This limit may be raised to six months when leave in excess of four months is taken on medical ground or rest and recreation outside Bangladesh.

  1. Leave on half average pay- leave on half average pay shall be earned on the rate of 1/22nd of the period spent on duty and accumulation of such leave shall be without limit: it shall be permissible to convert leave on half average pay into leave on average pay at the rate of one day of leave on average pay for two days of leave on half average pay on medical ground up to a maximum of twelve months on average pay.
  1. Maximum leave- The maximum amount of leave that may be taken at any one time other than in combination with leave without pay shall be one year. If supported by medical certificate, the limt of one year may be extended up to two years.
  1. Government rules to apply- In the matter of leave including t leave preparatory to retirement and in all other matters connected with leave not concerned by these regulation, the rules applicable to Government servants shall mutatis mutandis, apply to the employees.
  1. Eund- There shall be a Fund to be called the Bangladesh Veterinary Council Contributory Provident Fund which shall be administered by a Committee of Administration consisting of the following members, namely:-

            (a) two members to be nominated by the Council from amongst thermselves of whom one shall be the Chairman of the Committee and the othr shall be Sectretary thereof;

            (b) one subscriber to be nominated by the Council;

            (c) Registrar,ex-officio.

  1. Nomination- (1) A subscriber shall, as soonas may be, after joining the Fund send to the Secretary a nomination conferring on one or more persons the right to receive the amount that may stand to his credit in the Fund in the event of his death before that amount has become paybale or, having become paybale, has not been paid:

            Provided that if, aty the time of making the nomination, the subscriber has a family, the nomination shall not be in favour of any person other than the members of his family.

(2) If a subscriber nominates more than one person under sub-regulation (1) he shall specify in the nomination the amount of share payable each of the nominees in such manner as to cover, the whole amount that may stand to his credit in the Fund.

(3)  A subscriber may, at any time, cancel a nomination by sending a notice, in writing, to the Secretary:

Provided that the subscriber shall, along with such notice, send a fresh nomination.

(4) In case the subscriber is not married, he may nominate any person conferring the right to receive the amount in his account but, in the event of acquiring a family subsequently, the nomination shall automatically become invalid and he shall furnish a fresh nomination.

(5) Immediately on the death of  a nominee or, if the nomination becomes invalid, the subscriber shall send fresh nomination to the Secretary cancelling the pravious one.

  1. Subscription-(1) An account shall be opened in the name of each subscriber in which shall be credited-

            (a) the subscribers subscription;

            (b) contributions made by the council; and

(c) interest on subscriptions and the contributions.

(2) The amount of subscription shall be fixed by the subscriber himself, subject to the following conditions, namely-

            (a) it shall be expressed in whole taka;

            (b) it may be any sum, so expressed, not less than seven and half percent, and not more than the total emoluments.

(3) A subscriber shall intimate the committee the fixation of the amojnt of his nonthly subscription in the begining of each financial year.

(4) The amount of subscription so fixed shall remian unchared throughout the year.

(5) Subject to sub regulation (6),a subscriber shall,except during the leave without pay, be liable to subscribe the fund unless exampted by the committee of Administration on special grount.

(6) In the case a subscriber is under suspension, no subscription shall be realised from him,but on his re-intatement withfull pay and allowances, the total amount of subscription shall be recomvered in respect of the entire period of his suspendion in lump sum.

  1. Realisation of subscription- The council shall deduct from the pay of the subscriber the amount onaccount of the subscription and onther dues on account of the account of subscriber in respect of the Fund.
  2. Contribution by the Council- (1) The Council shall make a contribution to the account of each subscriber on the least day of each year:

Provided that if a subscriber quits the service or dies during a year, contribution shall be credited to his account for the period betweein the close of the preceding year and the date of teh casualty.

(2) The contribution of the Council shall be equal tosuch amount as has been drwan from the subscriber’s emoluments during the year.

  1. Interest- (1) The Council shall pay interest to the credit of the account of the subscriber at such rate as it may, from time to time, determine.

(2) Interest shall be credited at the end of each financial year in the manner as the council decide from time to time.

(3) Interest shall not be credited to the account of any subscriber if he informs the Secretary that he does not wish to receive it but if he subsequently asks for interest, it shall be credited with effect from first day of the year in which he asks for it.

(4) For the purpose of these regulations, the date of deposits shall, in the case of recoveries from the emoluments, be deemed to be the first day of the month in which they are recovered.

  1. Advance from theFund-(1) The Chairman of the Board may grant advance to a subscriber on the following condidtions, namely:-

(a)  to pay expenses incurred in connection with the illness of teh subscriber or anyperson actually dependent on him;

(b) to pay expense of the marriage and funerals of any person dependent on him;

(c) to incur the expenditure required to persorm pilgrimage or any other religious rites by him or by any member of the family;

(d) to apy insurance premium.

(2) An advance exceeding three months pay shall not be granted except on special reason.

(3) A second or subsequent advance may be granted to a subscriber after at least six months have elapsed since the complete repayment of previous advance together with interest accrued thereon.

(4) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub regulations (1) and (2) advance for the building of a house for residential purpose may be granted from the Fund:

Provided that such advance granted shall not exceed 80% of the total amount standing at the credit of the subscriber in the Fund.

  1. Recovery of advance- (1) Advance from the Fund shall be recovered at the rate of 12% of pay it the amount of advance exceeds three months’ pay and, if it does not exceed three months’ pay,10% of pay, unless, however the subscriber elects for higher rate recovery.

(2) Recovery shall be started from the first payment of full months’ pay after the advance is made. In the case of advance for house building purpose, recovery shall begin, from the 12th issue of pay after the advance is drawn.

(3) The recovery may be exempted after completion of 52 years of age if the subscriber applies for such relief and if he does not so applies, the recovery shall be made as usual and unrecovered amount shall be adjusted at the time of final payment.

(4) After the principal of the advance has been fully repaid, interest shall be paid thereon at the rate to be fixed by the Board, from time to time.

(5)  The subscriber whose deposit in the Fund carries no interest shall not be required to be paid into the Fund additioonal instalments onaccount of interest on advance to him from the fund.

  1. Circumstances in which accumulation are payable-(1) Subject to any deduction, if any, the amount standing to the credit of a subscriber shall become payable in Bangladesh only on the death or on retirement or on resignation of the subscriber from the service of the Council.

(2)  In gthe event of death occurring to a subscriber before the amount standing to his credit has become payable, it would be paid to his nominee.

(3) If there be no nominee, the amount will be paid to the subscriber’s legal heirs.

  1. Deduction-(1) When the amount standing to the credit of a subscriber, who has been dismissed or discharged from the service of the Council for misconduct, becomes payable, the Board may direct that the whole or any part of the Council’s contribution and of any part of the interest thereon shall be deducted from the amount standing to the crdit of the subscriber and such amount shall not be paid to him.

(2) When the amount standing to the credit of a subscriber becomes payable and  he owes any amount to the Council, the Board may direct to deduct that amount from the amount payable to the subscriber.


Sl No. Name of the specified post Age limit for direct recruitment Method of recruitments Qualification
1 2 3 4 5
1 Registrar 40 years By promotion from the post of Deputy Registrar or by direct recruitment or by deputation of a divisional level officer from the Directorate of Livestock Service having degree in Veterinary Science and three years’ service in the post. for direct recruitment:-

Master degree in Veterinary Science from recognized


For Promotion: Five years’ services as Deputy Registrar.



2 Deputy Registrar Ditto By direct recruitment or by deputation of an officer not below the rank of District Livestock Officer of the Livestock Directorate having degree in Veterinary Science. For direct recruitment:

Degree in Veterinary Science from a recognized University with seven years’ experience in the relevant Works.

3 Treasurer Ditto By direct recruitment and, if no suitable candidate is found for direct recruitment by deputation of a district level officer of the Directorate of Livestock Services having a degree of Veterinary Science or Diploma with postgraduate taning in Veterinary Science and having five years’s experience. For direct recruitment:

Degree from a recognized

University having at least

ten year’s experience as a

Class I officer in accounts works in any organization.

4. Officer superintendent Between 18 and 25   years By promotion from Accountant and U.D> Assistant with having three year’s service and if suitable candidate is not available for promotion, by direct recruitment For direct recruitment:

Degree from a recognized

University and five years’

experience  in office works

in any organization.

5 Accountant Ditto By promotion form U.D. Assistant and Cashier having three years’ service and, if suitable candidate is not available, by direct recruitment. For direct recruitment :

Degree in Commerce from a

recognized University with

three years’ experience in

Financial matters.

6 Upper division Assistant Twenteen 18 and 25 years By promotion from cashier and Typist having three year’s service and, if suitable candidate is not available for promotion, by direct recruitment. For direct recruitment:

Degree from a recognized University. Candidates having experience will be given preference.

7 Cashier Ditto By direct  recruitment H.S.C. Examination

passed in Commerce group.

8 Typist cum Clerk Ditto Ditto S.S.C Examination passed with typing

speed of 30 and 20 words per

minute in English and Bengali respectively.

9 Driver Ditto Ditto Driving Licence(heavy  and

Light) wity 3 years’ experience.

10 Messenger Ditto Ditto Read up to Class-VIII
11 Night Guard Ditto Ditto Read  up to  Class-V

                                                                                                                                       By Order of teh Council

                                                                                                                                       Akhlaque Uddin Ahmed








    বাংলাদেশ ভেটেরিনারি কাউন্সিল

   রেজিস্ট্রেশনের আবেদন পত্র


The Registrar,

Bangladesh Veterinary Council,


Dear Sir,

I request that my name, address and qualification as stated below, may be registered on the Register of Veterinary Practitioners maintained by the Bangladesh Veterinary Council and I may be furnished with a Certificate of  Registration.

  1. Name in full (in Block :

          letters as on certificate)

  1. Father’s name :
  2. Mother’s name :
  1. Nationality :
  2. Permanent Address :
  3. Present Address :


  1. Date and place of birth :
  2. Qualification for which :

            registration is desired.

  1. Date of obtaining the qualification together with the name of the University/Board or licensing body :
  2. Name of the Veterinary College/University

     from which the applicant appeared for the said qualification:

  1. Present employment and the name of the employer:
  2. Other information :

The degree, diploma or license etc which I possess is forwarded herewith in original/attested Photostat. These may please be returned when no longer required. The Registration fee of TK……………………….(………………………………………………..) only for registration in cash/money order/Bank draft on………………………………………………………. Bank of Bangladesh Payable to the Registrar, Bangladesh Veterinary Council, Dhaka is sent herewith.

Yours faithfully

  Full Signature.

specimen signature of the Veterinary  

Practitioner as used in the Certificate ………………………………………………………………………..

Please Note:

(1)     Particulars wanted herein must be filled in his own hand writing by the applicant and should be in neat and legible hand.

(2)     Registration fees should be paid by cash/money order/Bank draft in favour of Registrar marked “Account payee only” on…………………………………..Bank of Bangladesh …………………………….. …… ……… …………….The B.V.C. office will not be responsible for non-receipt of money sent along with letter by ordinary post or Registered letter.

(3)     The name entered by applicant in his application must correspond in all respects with his name in the University or other examination as the case may be.

(4)     Registration will not be granted unless this application is accompanied by original or attested Photostat degree/diploma or original/provisional Certificate of the University or licensing body together with the Photostat copy thereof.

(5)     All original Degree/Diploma/Provisional Certificates will be returned after final perusal only when accompanied by a Photostat copy.

(6)     Two copies of the recent passport size photograph to be submitted by the applicant duly attested on back side by a first class gazetted officer.

(For office use only)


  • Passed the final…………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Examination of………………………………..Original/ Photostat copy duly attested submitted for perusal.


  • Prescribed registration fee received by Cash/Bank draft/Money order TK…………………… and credited vide receipt No……………………………..    …………………….


  • The application is accepted for registration, Registered under Registration No…………………….. dated ……………………20    


Bangladesh Veterinary Council


Form- B

[Regulation No. 5(2) ]

evsjv‡`k †f‡Uwibvwi KvDwÝj


The Bangladesh Veterinary Practitioners Ordinance,1982

and the Regulations framed thereunder


Certificate NO…………….                    (Monogram)                       Dated Dhaka the …………………

Rgistration No. ……………….                                                            Date of Registration……………..

           Name                                                      Address                               Recognised    Veterinay Qualification

                                       and dates thereof.

This is to certify that the above description of teh name, Registration number,date of Registration, address and qualification of the Registered Veterinary Practitioner maed above is a true copy of teh entries in the Register of the Registered Veterinary Practitioner maintained under the Veterinary Practitioners Ordinance,1982.

            Registrar.       (Embossed seal of the Council)       President.        

Note: This Certificate holder should be careful to send to the Registrar immediaftely if there is any change in his/her address so that his/her correct address may be duly inserted in the Register.

Form ‘C’

Register of Registered Veterinay Practioners vide section 10  of the Ordinace and regulation No.6(1) of the Bangladesh Vetgerinary Council

Number of registration date of Registration Full name of the Veterinary Practitioner Registered Full address of the Veterinary Practitioner Recognised Veterinay qualification with date of acquiring the same Date and reason for the removal of the name of the Registered Veterinary Practitioner from the Register Remarks
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

                                                                                                                                          By order of the Council

                                                                                                                                          Akhlaque uddin Ahmed



Printed by Khandker obaidul  Muqtader, Deputy Controller, Bangladesh Government  Press Dhaka.

Published by Md. Abdul Matin Sirker Deputy Controller, Bangladesh Forms and Publications Office, Tejgaon, Dhaka.

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