Bangladesh Veterinary Council
Message from President

0663 Manjur QadirThe Bangladesh Veterinary Council was constituted in 1982 under the Bangladesh Veterinary Practitioners ordinance, 1982, Ordinance No. XXX of 1982. Veterinary council is regulating the under graduate & postgraduate veterinary education in Bangladesh.

It is providing registration to the veterinarians after obtaining graduation on veterinary science. This organization is monitoring the syllabus, course curriculum of veterinary education. Veterinary Council is co-operating with the veterinarians of Bangladesh & Abroad for various Veterinary aspects. The inspection team of Veterinary council inspecting the various veterinary institutions to monitoring the rules & regulations of the council are being followed all over the country. Any recommendation/advice by the honorable veterinarians in this field from all over the world are cordially welcome.

Dr. Md. Monjur Kadir


Bangladesh Veterinary council

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