Bangladesh Veterinary Council
History of Veterinary Profession in Bangladesh

History of Veterinary Profession in Bangladesh

The Veterinary Students of the then East Pakistan Veterinary College started movement for legal recognition of veterinary practice along with other demand after Joint Front came to power in the province in 1954. Before reaching the goal, the joint front government was removed, rule of government imposed and the movement stopped for the time being.

After establishment of Agricultural University in 1961, student action committee was formed to realise 9 points demand including registration of veterinarians. Realising the justification of the demand university authority requested the provincial government to enact law to facilitate registration. Based on the opinion of Directorate, the provincial government informed the University authority that since all the veterinarians in the province were in government service, no registration system is required. The argument failed to convince the students and under the circumstances, the university authority appealed to central government to enact Veterinary Surgeons Act all over Pakistan to introduce registration of veterinarians. Unfortunately, the appeal did not bring any result and the university authority reiterated the need for introduction of registration system for veterinarians to provincial government. Despite repeated appeal from the students and university authority no actions were taken till independence.

After independence, the movement was reconsolidated and Awami League government showed sympathy to the demand of students. In 1974, Bangladesh Veterinary Association was formed and the association submitted a draft of Veterinary Surgeons Act to the government. The government sent the draft act to Directorate of Livestock Services for their comments. The directorate finalised the draft with required amendment and editing during 1975 but could not submit it to the administrative ministry before 9th August 1977. The ministry accepted the draft and decided to send the draft to cabinet for approval.


The draft was submitted to the cabinet for approval on 14thOctober 1978 and ministry had few observations regarding the act and the act was sent back to Directorate to revise it in accordance with cabinets observation. Directorate made the demanded changes and submitted it to ministry. Ministry sought further explanation and detailed explanations were submitted to the ministry accordingly on 10th September, 1979. The draft was then sent to Ministry of Law for vetting and law ministry prepared it as draft bill and sent back to ministry for obtaining consent from all concerned. After having the consent from all concerned the bill was sent to cabinet and the cabinet approved the draft bill to be placed before the parliament. In the meanwhile martial law was declared and the bill was promulgated as Bangladesh Veterinary Practitioners Ordinance, 1982 to regulate the veterinary practice in Bangladesh by the Chief Martial Law Administrator on 7thSeptember, 1982.

After promulgation, according to power vested by section 3 (2) of the ordinance the government, government nominated Prof. Musleh Uddin Chowdhury former Vice Chancellor of Bangladesh Agricultural University as the President z and nominated three ex officio members and three government nominated members on 12thApril ,1983 which was published in government gazette . Government instructed the President of the newly formed council to select one member from 4 administrative division of the country. Following section 3(2B) , 4 members were added to the council to make it full-fledged and a circular was issued by the government upon the directive of Chief Martial Law administrator on 4th September 1983. The council appointed Dr. Akhlaque Uddin Ahmed a retired deputy director of DLS as registrar on contractual basis in its first meeting.

Council finalised its oragnogram and budget in its second meeting held at the office room of Dr. Mirza A Jalil , the then Director of DLS. Since there was no provision in the budget allocation to meet the expenditure of council, a decision was taken to request Director , DLS and the administrative ministry to allocate money from 157-livestock for meeting expenditures of council. The ministry upon this request allocated 4,23, 000 .00 with the concurrence from finance ministry. Primarily as there was no funding provision for office accommodation, the council started it work in a room of DLS. Open a separate budget code to run the activities of the council was felt a sub code was opened. After having its own budget line, the council shifted to a rented house at Dhanmondi R/A from 1st February 1984. In the meanwhile, the third session of the council approved its monogram and a draft regulation on 26th August, 1983. The draft regulation was submitted to the ministry on 8th September 1983. The regulation was published in the government gazette and registration of veterinarians began thereafter.

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